Pesky Insects In The House – Ants

Ants.. they may be everywhere inside your home.. you just never can see them crawling about. What do you do in order to cut back on the ant population in your home, and how can you keep them from coming back? This article will discuss how you can do just so and with...

Carpenter Bees – Friend Or Enemy

Bee’s can be a bother to those who are constantly outside, spending time with the family, cooking, etc. However, bees like the carpenter bee can be unintentionally hazardous to the inside and outside of your home. But how can you defend against these invaders?...
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What Every Home Buyer In VA Should Know

Find out what every home buyer in VA should know before they buy a home.

There are a lot of things that home buyers here in Virginia should know before they buy a home, but often neglect to find out.

The difference could be getting the home of your dreams, or landing in a money pit...

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