How to Prepare for a Summer Power Outage

Summer storms can come out of nowhere. A surprise summer storm can often lead to a surprise power outage. But with the right kind of preparation, you can prepare yourself and your family for a lot less hassle the next time your face a certain power outage.  Make...

How to Organize Sports Equipment

If you have a home with lots of sports players chances are you have lots of sports equipment in your house or garage.  Everything from basketballs, baseballs, baseball hats, hockey sticks, hockey skates, goalie pads, and the list goes on.  If you’re looking...
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What Every Home Buyer In VA Should Know

Find out what every home buyer in VA should know before they buy a home.

There are a lot of things that home buyers here in Virginia should know before they buy a home, but often neglect to find out.

The difference could be getting the home of your dreams, or landing in a money pit...

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