One of the many advantages to owning your own home is that it is easy to have access to your own washer and dryer. Many homes already have these installed, while some new homeowners will install them once they move in. While the convenience of this is great, it does require that the necessary hookups are installed.

Of course, the obvious hookups are electricity and water, but not everyone pays attention to the need to have the dryer vented properly. They might install a lint trap that will recirculate the air from the dryer back into the home, but this is not a good idea.

Why? Because an estimated gallon of water can be released from a full load of laundry. Just imagine what damage could be done if you decided to empty out a bucket containing a gallon of water into your home. If your dryer vents inside the home, that is basically what you are doing. Instead, you should have a duct venting the exhaust from the dryer outside.

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