Lightning is a danger to everyone, wherever we are living. Obviously the biggest danger to you exists when you are outside during a lightning storm, but a danger also exists even when we are in our house.

It is clear that various dangers linked to lightning strikes exist at home. Among one of the most obvious is that the house could set on fire. Another danger is electrocution.

Unquestionably, if a fire is caused by a lightning strike, this could cause significant damage to your home. Something that is not always thought of though, is the damage that comes from water used to extinguish the fire.

It is not just the immediate damage but also mold can form if the house was not properly dried out.

The homes appliances could sustain damage is there is a power surge.

What can we do to keep safe at home when there is lightning?

Stay away from windows, even if the lightning is fun to watch.

Avoid washing dishes, showering or anything that involves contact with running water.

A surge protector is designed to protect electronic equipment, but don’t completely rely on that to protect your electronic equipment. The best thing to do to ensure your electronics are safe is to unplug or turn off any electrical appliances such as phones and computers that would be prone to damage in the event of a lightning strikes.

Lightning protection systems are available or lightning rods. These can help protect your home from a lightning strike, but it is best to do some research first to see what would be the best thing for you and where you live.

Here at Square One Inspections, our clients safety is our main concern.  Please stay safe during a lightning storm.

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