Did you grow up with a night light next to your bed as a child? Many of us did, and there haven’t really been any huge developments in the way nightlights are made for several decades. Some of the more recent developments are motion sensors and wireless connectivity, but still, that hasn’t changed the way the lights work very much.

It might be tempting to just find the cheapest light available, but it is important to remember that you are dealing with electricity and the safety of your children, so taking the time to do research and ensuring that you get a good night light is definitely worth it.

Check for recalls for the nightlight and look at reviews of the item online. This might alert you to others that have had issues with the light in question. While they usually don’t use a lot of energy, having a light that will turn off during the daytime will save you a little bit on your energy bill, especially if your children have a tendency to forget turning it off.

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