Have you ever gotten hurt because of not wearing the correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)? If so, you are not alone. While there usually will be directions for which PPE is appropriate for a certain job, many don’t follow these directions like they should.

We get involved in many activities that are dangerous for our fragile human bodies. Your hearing can easily get damaged by prolonged exposure to loud noise, such as that from your riding mower. Therefore, you should be wearing hearing protection.

Pesticides and fertilizers that we use might not be as dangerous as some have been in the past, but wearing safety glasses and gloves when handling them is a wise choice.

Working while wearing PPE might not be the most convenient way to do it, but you will not regret it when you avoid injury. It’s also important not to take off your PPE until you’re finished with the activity. Trying to get a better grip on something by taking off a glove could cost you a finger. Is it worth it?

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