Bee’s can be a bother to those who are constantly outside, spending time with the family, cooking, etc. However, bees like the carpenter bee can be unintentionally hazardous to the inside and outside of your home. But how can you defend against these invaders? Here are just a couple quick tips in defending against these home borrowers.

Well, the first step is to find the burrowers nest. To do so, look for piles of frass, or light wood shavings left behind when the carpenter bees burrow through the wood. Finding one of these piles can help you to locate the nest by following the tunnels. The next step in the control process is to make sure that any holes in the sides of your house or the inside of your house are sealed tight with foam sealant.

A third thing that you can do to stop the migration of carpenter bees into your home is by calling in a bee exterminator. They’ll come in, spray pesticide, fumigate the area, and all of your bee troubles would be gone. However, this takes both time, patience, and extra money. Keeping these reminders in mind will help you to protect your family from the potential injury from these bees, and protecting your home from being eaten alive.

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