Are you a birdwatcher? Do you enjoy seeing them feeding in your backyard? If this is the case, you might even try to attract more birds using feeders and birdhouses, but having a lot of birds around your home might lead to a range of issues. Birds building nests in chimneys, vents, and other inconvenient areas could cause problems. Bird droppings are acidic which means they can damage your home if they are left to sit on the surface, and their droppings can also spread disease.

If you want to plant some grass, the birds are likely to eat the seeds, preventing them from taking root.

So, what can you do? To solve the grass seed dilemma, you can cover the seeds with hay or burlap to prevent the birds from reaching them.

Closing up vents and chimneys with a grate can stop the birds from nesting there, but as long as you are feeding them, they will leave their droppings wherever they please, so your only alternative would be to clean up after them to minimize the damage they do.

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