Have you ever seen a home with wood siding? It is not that common these days, but it still has a natural beauty to it. It is also a renewable resource, so in that way, it is better than many materials used for siding these days. So why don’t you see more homes with wood siding? Well, there are some downsides to it.

Wood siding could get attacked by either wood-destroying insects or woodpeckers looking for those insects, ruining the siding. If it gets wet it could rot or mold and get destroyed. In a fire, it could serve as fuel for the flames. To make things worse, wood siding is one of the more expensive types of siding.

Despite all these negatives, however, wood siding can be a beautiful addition to your home if you take good care of it. Keeping it clean, patching any cracks and holes that you might find and regularly treating it with a fire retardant chemical can help it to last for a long time.

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