Most of us have serious housecleaning to do right now. With busy schedules,  the last thing we want to do after work is scrub the tub or stove. The good news is you can get quite a bit done without investing hours a day, and better yet, you can use ingredients you already have on hand. Who doesn’t mind saving money on cleaning products? Here are a few cleaning hacks that will save time and money:

  • If you are looking for an amazing solution to your cleaning woes, baking soda is the closest you’re going to get. Available from your supermarket, baking soda is a degreaser, deodorizer, cleaner, and more.
  • Watermarks on wooden furniture? Use a hairdryer to remove the stains. Water rings are caused by trapped moisture in the wood, so using a hair dryer on low heat directed at the affected area causes the moisture to evaporate, removing the stain.
  • Clean your grill with an onion. Rather than using a wire bristle brush to scrub your grill, spear half an onion with a long fork. Rub the cut side on your grill grates as an alternate way to clean them.
  • To get a grease stain out of carpets or other surfaces, mix four parts rubbing alcohol with one part salt. Rub into the stain to lift the grease. Then, let the surface dry and wipe up or vacuum up any leftover salt.
  • Not everyone loves the idea of using bleach. For a more natural way to disinfect your cutting board, liberally sprinkle kosher salt on the board. Then, cut a lemon in half and rub the lemon (cut side down) on the board. The lemon juice should kill the bacteria, while the salt should scrub away any small particles of food that may be present.
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