There are many unsung heroes in your home. Devices that aren’t usually noticed until they fail. Take your bathroom fan for example. If it works well, it lowers the risk for mold and other moisture-related issues in your bathroom. However, if it starts rattling, you might quite quickly get annoyed with it, maybe even to the point where you stop using it, making it useless. However, if the fan isn’t vented correctly to the outside of your home, it might actually be moving the issue to a different area of your home.

The fan duct should also be as straight as possible to the outside. Bends and turns will lower the efficiency of the fan.

If there is an issue with your bathroom vent fan, replacing it shouldn’t be too complicated. Usually, you should be able to get a replacement fan at any hardware store, since they are fairly standardized. Just make sure you disconnect the power before trying to do anything with the fan.

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