When you look at your sidewalk, is it all bent out of shape and cracked? There are many reasons why this can happen. Cold weather might cause the earth to heave, water underneath the surface might erode the dirt that supports the cement, or there could be a tree root that is pushing the sidewalk out of the way. Whatever the reason, you surely don’t want your sidewalk to look terrible and pose a safety risk for friends coming to visit your home.

While removing the cement and building a brand new sidewalk could be an option, it does cost quite a bit and take a lot of time. An alternative for you is to get mudjacking done.

To perform a mudjacking, holes are drilled into the existing pavement, and a mixture of water, cement and dirt is pumped into the area below to level everything out. This is much quicker and cheaper than a complete removal, and as long as you have an experienced professional doing it, it will be just as safe.

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