Many people are not the biggest fan of bats, but bats play a very important role in the ecosystem. Bats play a part in pollination and seed dispersal, and they eat many mosquitoes. So if you are interested in inviting bats into your yard, here are a few things to keep in mind when installing a bat house.

You could build your own bat house, which there are free plans online, or you can purchase a bat house. Just keep in mind that your bat house should be at least 24 inches high and 16 inches wide and that the house should not contain any mesh or fabric. Also, there should be a water source within a quarter of a mile. Bats prefer when the bat house is mounted on buildings or other large wooden or concrete structures because it offers more of a consistent temperature, just make sure the spot gets at least six hours of sun exposure. They do not like it when the house is mounted on a tree because the house is normally too shaded or because of the high risk of predation.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when installing your bat house and will hopefully invite those bats into your yard.

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