Metal roofing is one of the more durable materials you can choose. It could last about 2 times as long as a wooden roof or asphalt shingles. With proper care, it’s even possible that your roof will last longer than that. It is also impervious to fire, rot as well as wood boring insects and woodpeckers.

Some might think that a metal roof will be noisy when it hails or rains, but as long as it has solid sheathing, it will actually be very quiet, even through heavy rainstorms.

Often you will have to pay more money upfront to install a metal roof, but since it is a higher quality material, the longer lifespan will be a worthwhile payoff.

One risk that you might face is that of denting due to heavy hail or tree branches falling on your roof. The quality of the roofing will have an impact on how likely this is to happen. Some manufacturers will even provide a warranty against denting.

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