The current epidemic might have discouraged many home buyers and sellers, but the market might not be doing as poorly as you believe. There are still many things that are positive, and you will find that some sellers have been able to come up with new and innovative ways to get their home sold despite all the restrictions and concerns that we currently deal with.

If you want to show your home off on a tour, how can you do so safely? This is where a virtual tour is a life-saver. Many realtors will help you set up one of these by having high-quality pictures taken of your home which are then used to create a digital version of your home that a potential buyer can “walk through”. This will be an appealing selling point for a buyer that would be able to see themselves and their furniture inside of your home.

Another positive aspect is the currently low mortgage rate. This makes it very attractive for a buyer to take out a loan right now.

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