Stepping into a kitchen where someone is cooking a delicious meal is a nice experience. All the smells just make your mouth water. But if you don’t have a functioning fan sucking out the grease and moisture from your kitchen, it will be detrimental for your home.

Sometimes you will see a fan installed above a stove, but it doesn’t appear to be doing much. It is possible that it is just put there for show, without actually venting the vapors outside. Some fans are just set up to filter the air and then releasing it back into the room.

Proper fan installation is directly above your stove, with ductwork venting the air to the outside. The air should be released at least 10 feet away from any air intakes. To prevent pests from using the vent as an entry point to your home, it should be covered. This is especially important since the smells from your kitchen can attract them from a long distance.

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