Do you happen to have a dryer vent that leads directly outside your house? What should you know about it, keeping it maintained, clean, etc? Well in this article, we will share just a couple of helpful reminders to help you keep your vents safe and as non-combustible as possible.

So if you were to put lint in the vent, then took a match to it after you get done drying some really damp clothes, do you think it would potentially cause a fire, then an electrical malfunction within the dryer itself, leading it to spark then everything else go up in flames? Well, that is what you would be in effect doing if you don’t regularly clean the duct out of this trapped lint. If you don’t, then the lint will become trapped inside the dryer, just as the example states, then the dryer will overheat, causing the lint to catch on fire.

Another preventive maintenance you can do for your vent is to regularly check that the duct work is still connected to the dryer at least twice a month. That way, if you do find that part of the duct work has come apart, you can easily fix it. If duct work were to be left as it was, the heavy buildup of lint and water vapor would stay in between the outside and inside walls, thus creating more problems for you in the future. Keeping these things in mind will help you and your family to have dry clothes, a working dryer, and a safe environment.

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