Ants.. they may be everywhere inside your home.. you just never can see them crawling about. What do you do in order to cut back on the ant population in your home, and how can you keep them from coming back? This article will discuss how you can do just so and with complete efficiency.

In order to defend against the ant invaders, you must first know where they came from. So you must start by looking for their nests. You can use the tunnels that they burrow through in order to search for the nest. Once you have found the nest, you can use a special spray foam that will kill the ants on impact, so all you would have to do is vacuum it up afterward.

The next thing that you could try doing is setting up traps around your home, using commercial traps that could bait the entire colony, trap them, and then you can just dispose of the trap when its full. Also, you could use a form of bait poison that, when worker ants come to bring it back to the colony, will poison the entire colony within a matter of days.
In this short list, you can continue on living without hundreds of ants scurrying in the shadows of the walls.

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