It’s that time of year again. It’s fall, and so now it’s time to get your plants ready for winter. Most people will cut down their plants and clean up their gardens so that they are all ready for the new growth in spring. Some people wait until spring to clean up their plants. There are pros and cons for both ways.

If you clean up your plants before winter, you will not need to clean up all the dead plants in the spring, which can now harbor many different insects, which could include grubs. Also, if you prepare your plants in the fall, you will not need to worry about damaging the new growth in the spring if you wait too long to prepare your plants. There is a very nice advantage if you wait until spring to prepare your plants for the new season. The advantage is that many birds love eating the seeds and berries from your plants. For example, it can be quite relaxing in the middle of winter, watching a chickadee foraging off your bee balm.

So consider these pros and cons when deciding when to prepare your plants for the new growing season.

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