The power strip – one of the best tools a homeowner can have, but also one of the many tools that could cause serious damage to your appliances, or even your house. What are some things you need to know in order to protect your electronics and appliances, and potentially even your whole house?

Something that not all people know, is that not all power strips have surge protectors in them. A surge protector basically will protect any devices or appliances connected to the power strip from overloading in the case of a power outage, power spike, or electrical storm. Making sure that when you buy your strip, make sure that it has the proper specs in regards to having a surge protector.

Another thing to watch out for are power strips in either a moist environment or where a strip is located in an area of your home where air ventilation is not as strong. With either of these two things, they will lead to damage to your strip and to corresponding devices/appliances if not properly used. If left in an unventilated area, your strip could overheat, and left in a moist environment, it could spark then short out.

Again, stressing the importance of knowing where the strip is at all times and making sure that it is properly used is of the utmost importance. Proper use of your power strip will allow you to continually enjoy the ease of use, and the convenience of using a power strip.

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