Do you really need a safe room for your house? They can be extremely useful in the times that we live in, with crime steadily growing, a safe room can be a great asset to your house. But what exactly are they used for?

In the case of a break in, while you are home, you can get to the safe room, which would give you more time to alert the police. Also, if a nuclear bomb exploded, granted it may not survive in the immediate vicinity, but there’s still a chance of survival from the radiation if the room if a safe distance from the blast radius. One of the things that have a higher likelihood of happening, however, is in the case of a natural disaster. Having a safe room built with heavy materials like steel, concrete, etc, will help further protect you and your family. A few things that you’ll need for your room are water, plenty of emergency food, blankets, some form of electricity, medicine, flashlights, and a first aid kit.

Even though safe rooms were more common during the Cold War than they are today, safe rooms can be extremely useful in the case of an emergency, which will help you to continue to protect yourself and your family.

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