Over 49,000 injuries from ladder falls are reported every year, so knowing how to use a ladder the right way while doing construction projects or any DIY projects is of the utmost importance. Some safety tips and ladder tips are as follows:

Knowing the different types of ladders is the first step to prevent injury. Each different type of ladder has its own ability, so knowing the abilities and functions will help prevent injury to yourself in the long run. Before using a ladder, make sure all the components, i.e. bolts, screws, steps, are attached properly, etc.

Always face the ladder when walking up and down the steps, to minimize the chances of slipping and falling. When setting up your ladder, make sure it is set up on secure ground, so that as you climb up, the ladder doesn’t move side to side and have that potential of falling over with you on it.

If you are on a roof, be aware of where the ladder is. If it does fall, and you don’t know it, you could unknowingly go to step back on it with nothing being there, thus leading to a fall. Finally, wearing the right kind of safety gear is vital as well. Gear like hard hats, eye protection, heavy duty boots, and gloves will help keep you steady on the ladder and will prevent injury to your head if you do fall.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you to remain injury free, and complete your projects with the best outcome.

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