Many people these days are looking towards modular homes as cost effective ways to making their way into a new home for their family. However, they have two different types of options for these manufactured homes, but what are the pros and cons between single wide’s and double wide’s? That is what will be discussed in this article.

So what may be a better fit for you? Well for starters, if you want to have a big family, or you already do, a double wide would be the way to go. They can have up to three times as much space as a single wide does, however they will cost much more because of the increased square footage, which is indeed a downside. When a double wide is done being built, it will be sent out on two different trailers, because they are two halves of the total house. Which means if you were to ever relocate from a spot after its been laid out, it would be difficult to move it.

A single wide has many advantages. While it may not have a lot of square footage, it still has the potential of being a great first home for your family. The cost will go down because of the decreased footage, and is very easy to move in case of a relocation. There are fewer floor plans for the single wide however because of narrow passages and smaller rooms, so there aren’t alot of options, yet on the other hand a double wide has great potential.

Either way, single wides or double wide’s are great options for your families home.

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