It doesn’t matter how clean your home can be, sometimes you will get indoor ants in your home. Here are a few steps to help you to get rid of those ants.

The first step you will want to take is to find what is attracting the ants indoors. These ants can be attracted by dirty dishes in the sink or they could even be attracted to your dog or cat food dish. You can first try to clean up these areas to eliminate what is attracting the ants, and hopefully, the ants will move on.

The next step you will want to take is to eliminate the scouting trails of the ants. Scouting ants leave behind pheromones so that other ants can find their trails, so you cannot simply wipe away the ants. You can eliminate those trails by spraying the areas with a mixture of three parts of water to one part vinegar.

Another step is to try to repel the ants from returning. You can do this by using a product with boric acid, just make sure you follow the instructions carefully because these chemicals can be harmful to children and pets. Another option would be to use a natural spray of a mixture of peppermint or lavender oil with water. With either option, you would spray these mixtures around the entry point for the ants.

These few steps will help you to get rid of these indoor ants.

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