Unemployment numbers are at an unprecedented high in the US, and this has been hurting many families. Some have been able to keep their employment, but out of necessity had to abandon their office to work from home. If you are in that category, and you never worked from home before, you might have a few unforeseen challenges ahead of you. Working from home seems like the ideal job until you actually have to do it in real life. One of the problems is that there are many distractions in your home that you don’t have to deal with in the workplace. Your family, your pets, and many other things can seriously impact your productivity.

It is also important to have a proper work area set up. If you are sitting in front of a computer for a long period of time your back and neck can start aching, especially if you do not have a properly set up desk.

While working from home can be very convenient, to be successful, you need to have your home office set up just right.

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