Some people may prefer natural wood decking because they just like the overall look of natural wood. Even though composite decking may be more expensive than wood decking, there are advantages to composite decking. So if you are in the process of building a new deck or renovating an old one, here are the advantages of using composite decking.

The first advantage of using composite decking is that composite decking can last about 30 years, sometimes longer. Natural wood decking does not last nearly as long. Another advantage is that besides washing composite decking semi-annually, composite decking is almost maintenance-free. You will never need to sand, paint, or stain your deck as long as your composite decking lasts. Most composite decking is also stain-resistant and can hold up to harsh weather. Natural wood decking does stain, and harsh weather also affects the decking. The last advantage is that most composite deckings have built-in UV resistance, so they will not fade or lighten as much as natural wood.

These are a few advantages of choosing composite decking instead of wood decking. Even though you may prefer a natural wood look, there are many color options available and composite decking can be just as beautiful.

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