Reclaiming unused space in your home can be a very satisfying project. Some homeowners have taken a closer look at their attic in the search for additional living space. Maybe you have a young child that wants to have a room of their own, and you don’t know where to put them. Fortunately, finishing an attic doesn’t have to be very complicated, but there are however a few things to keep in mind to make it as smooth as possible.

One of the trickier things about a finished attic is temperature control. While it might seem as if it would make sense to keep the attic on the same climate control system as the rest of the home, this usually won’t work. The problem is that insulation often is located between the attic and the rest of the home, creating its own climate. You would need to insulate the attic against the outside, and install a separate system to ensure that the attic will be comfortable. Otherwise, you might end up with an area that will be very uncomfortable during the heat of summer and the cold of winter.

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