Have you ever wondered whether or not you should flush something down the toilet? The answer to that question is almost always a resounding “No!”. There are many things that people flush down their toilets that end up causing a major blockage in the drain pipes leading to costly repairs and even sickness if contaminated water leaks out into the home.

Your toilet is made for water, waste product and toilet paper only. Toilet paper is made in such a way that it breaks apart when it gets in contact with water, unlike paper towels or even moist towelettes that might be labelled as “Flushable”. Some things that are flushed down the drain are so bad that they can cause an instant clog. Take for example cat litter which is made to clump up when it hits water, and could cause a cement-like clog.

Save yourself the cost and the headache and take garbage to the place it belongs – the garbage can.

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