Is your home getting those annoying tiny fruit flies? Here are a few tips to help you get rid of those pesky fruit flies.

The first tip is to see what is attracting the fruit flies. Is there one tiny piece of fruit that is starting to rot in the bottom of your fruit bowl? Make sure to inspect all your fruit and vegetables that you leave out for any imperfections, the smallest spot will attract fruit flies.

The next tip is to wipe down all your countertops and keep your sink free from food particles since fruit flies do not like clean surfaces.

The last tip is to make your own fruit fly trap. Simply fill a bowl or jar about halfway with apple cider vinegar and add a drop of dish soap. The vinegar will attract the fruit flies, and the dish soap will reduce the surface tension so that the fruit flies will not be able to fly off the surface. Then, secure plastic wrap on top of the bowl or jar with a rubber band. Next, poke small holes into the plastic wrap.

These few tips will help you to get rid of your pesky fruit fly problem.

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