You may have never heard of a trombe wall.. but when you hear the application, you are going to be so glad you did hear about it. So what exactly is a trombe wall, and how can it be applied to your home? Well that will be the main topic in this article today.

A trombe wall is basically a sun facing wall that can easily absorb the suns solar rays and apply them into your home for a comfortable heat. It was actually first invented by a French architect in 1964, but the basic idea was used back in ancient times when adobe blocks were used to build huts and keep the heat within the blocks and slowly release them during the night. Usually, if in the northern hemisphere, the wall is a south facing wall that is between 4 and 16 inches thick. This system is great due to the fact it does all of this heat transference passively and requires barely any maintenance, they reduce heating bills, and are relatively simple to install into your own home.

Common modifications can be applied to the wall in order to either increase the amount of heat the wall stores passively or how much heat it blocks. Really the only complication you may have with this type of wall is when there is a period of a few overcast days, where there may be heat loss, however this can be easily remedied by applying insulation to the inner wall. All in all, this wall can be a great option on the table in place of having traditional heat in your home.

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