It may be tempting to use anything that will burn to help the fire in our fireplace, or wood-burning stove to keep going.  But instead of using these as an all-purpose incinerator, what could we use as safe fuel for the fire? 

When you use trash or dryer lint this could seem like a good idea at the time, but without realizing you would be releasing chemicals and harmful fumes into your living space or the environment around your house.  You would also want to have in mind that not all wood for a fire is good.

Using pressure treated wood in the home is actually illegal, and can be extremely harmful when it burns.  One family that burned pressure treated wood unknowingly, suffered seizures, and even the plants and fish were affected.  For these reasons, it’s good to stick to dry, softwoods that have no added chemical which can be harmful to our household or outside of it

Even when a fireplace or wood stove vents well to the outside, take into consideration how the fumes could be affecting the plants or animals around the house and the neighbors.  We could also suffer from these fumes once we leave the house. Wood from a pallet or construction site could be an option, or also a firelog from the store which releases less ash than natural wood.  When we use fire for heating inside the house these are some good reminders.

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