Water is great for a homeowner, as long as it keeps itself in the right place. When you have water ending up in areas of your home that it doesn’t belong, all of a sudden, you have to deal with problems like mold, rot and similar types of damage. Unfortunately, water has an amazing ability to get into your home where you don’t want it. It could leak in through cracks and joints in your roof, it could seep in from below, or it could even enter as a gas and then condensate on a cold surface. All in all, your battle against water never ends.

The situation is made more complicated by the fact that water can travel far inside the walls of your home before it shows. Once you notice a spot of discoloration, the water might very well have travelled across half your home. Apart from trying your best to keep your home as waterproof as possible, you might need to do some detective work to figure out where the water intrusion originated. Removing the drywall where you find a water spot can give you some clues, but often that is just where you need to start your search.

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