Sometimes strange things happen in your home that you might not readily see the reason for. Take, for example, the way your plumbing is connected. If you are taking a shower and your toilet starts bubbling all of a sudden, you might wonder what is going on, but there is actually a fairly simple explanation for this.

Water going down your drain is pushing the content in your pipes out of the way. This is why there has to be a vent pipe where these gasses are expelled. In some cases though, your vent pipe might be blocked, and this will lead to the gas finding another exit. 

So, what can you do about this? It will not only cause the strange bubbling, but it will also make all your sinks in your home drain slower and back up more often.

Well, you need to find out where the blockage is and remove it. It is possible that some animal has built a nest in your vent pipe, or it could be blocked by debris that somehow got into your vent pipe.

Using a snake might help you find the location of the clog, but it could be necessary to get up on the roof and find it from that direction.

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