Mold is everywhere. It is one of the most resilient organisms that you can find on earth, and it has the ability to grow really fast when it has ideal conditions.

As a homeowner, you don’t want to provide those conditions for mold to grow. This is especially important since mold can cause a wide range of ill health effects. If you have the symptoms of a cold that just won’t go away, you might want to have your home tested for mold spores. If you are allergic, it might be much more serious, even forcing you to move out of the house until the problem has been remedied.

Moisture is your worst enemy in the fight against mold. If you have leaky pipes anywhere in your home, you should fix them as soon as possible. If your basement is wet, you should install a dehumidifier and constantly empty its tank so the water doesn’t sit there for a long time.

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