For a home to truly look finished, something needs to be done about the interior walls. The most common way to make it look like a home is to paint the walls, but there was a time when wallpaper was the way to go.

Of course, there are those that still use wallpaper in modern homes, but it is not as common as it once was.

Something to consider if you are looking to buy a home that has wallpaper is that there could be problems lurking behind the surface. Wallpaper could be hiding damage to the walls, water intrusion, mold and similar problems. They might not be visible to the naked eye, but if you buy the home, you might end up having to deal with them.

There are some things to give attention to when it comes to wallpaper. Feeling the surface you might be able to notice dampness or a temperature difference. If the wallpaper looks like it was freshly installed, that might be a little bit suspicious. Thermal imaging and moisture meters are also good tools if there is suspicion that something might not be quite right.

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