GFCI outlets were invented in the 60s, and since then they have saved countless lives. GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, and just like the name says, it will interrupt the circuit if an irregular current is detected. This is why they are essential to have installed in any locations where there is water and electricity. If you have outlets in your bathroom or on your kitchen counter, you should make sure that they are GFCI. You can recognize them by the two buttons they will have on the front. One is for testing the functionality of the outlet, while the other one is to reset the outlet if it has tripped.

It is important to regularly test the outlet to make sure it works as intended. It is easy to do this by plugging in anything that is a simple electronic that you will know when it is turned off. When pushing the test button, the reset button should pop out and the device should turn off.

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