One of the first items that started to sell out in stores around the world was hand sanitizer. People that hadn’t been using it before suddenly started stocking up on hand sanitizer leaving nothing but empty shelves behind. However, hand sanitizer is only so effective. One risk with hand sanitizer is that people don’t use it properly. If you don’t rub the entire surface of your hands well and until it has all dried up, it might not work as well as expected.

A much better alternative to hand sanitizer is to wash your hands well. While there isn’t always going to be a simple way for you to be able to get access to a sink, it is going to be more likely to clean the virus off of your hands. A thorough handwash removes the virus, unlike hand sanitizing which only kills it. Of course, you need to be careful to wash your hands well and make sure not to touch contaminated surfaces right after you wash your hands.

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