Worm composting can provide you with great nutrient-filled soil for your garden. Here’s how to get your worm composting started.

The first step is to get a food-safe plastic five-gallon bucket with a lid. Then, poke very small holes into the lid and into the bottom of the bucket. Next place layers of leaf trash or even some lawn clippings with wet strips of newspaper into your bucket. Then place your worms, you only need a few to get started, into your bucket. You can simply dig up worms yourself, or you can purchase them online or in a local store where they sell fishing worms. Red worms tend to work best for worm composting in a bucket. The last step is to feed your worms vegetable or fruit scraps.

A few things to keep in mind for the care of your worms is that you will want to keep your worm bucket moist, dark, and warm, but not hot. Also, feed your worms regularly. You will not want to feed your worms any oils, dairy products, or meats. You may also want to stay away from citrus fruits since these can attract fruit flies.

You will be surprised at how quickly your worms will break down all the newspaper and scraps and leave you with beautiful soil for your garden.

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